Bruce and Connie Carney
13602 NE 96th St
Maxwell, IA 50161

Beef Sales & Information: 515-979-5445
Pork Sales & Information: 515-979-5445

Please call or email with questions.
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We are easy to find to pick products up and can often find a central meeting location for pickup of products, as well.

We are located:

6 miles South of Maxwell
16 miles North of Altoona
15 miles Northeast of Ankeny
25 miles Southeast of Ames
38 miles Southwest of Marshalltown

"Just wanted to say "Thanks" for the wonderful product!  We grilled out the other night and it was wonderful....excellent beef!  Looking forward to doing business with you again."  
Jayne Higgenbottom

"Just wanted to let you know we tried your beef last night and it was great!  I just made plain hamburgers so we could really taste it and thought it was very good.  Already cooked a chicken too and it was wonderful as usual!  Thanks so much for delivering all of it."  
 Lori Bennett

"We have been very impressed with the quality...VERY GOOD!!!!"   Jayne Higgenbottom

"Just wanted to say the first batch tasted as good as Carney Farms chickens ever do.  Cooked one the other night and turned out very good.  As always, thanks, I enjoy getting fresh meats from the farm."  James Schaack

"I gotta tell you, I'm impressed with the Mingo Locker.  Looks like they take great pride in their work.  The beef tastes great too!  Had some steaks last night.  Thanks again!"    Melissa Olson

"Everyone loved the beef yesterday at our Field Day!"    Practical Farmer's of Iowa

"I've already fixed meatballs and one of the packages of steak.  Some of the best-tasting beef I've ever had."    Lois White

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Carney Family Farms
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